Invasive Plant Control

PlantWise is successful in controlling invasives in a wide variety of settings. We have more than 18 years of experience in the field and are called upon to teach weed control techniques throughout Michigan.

Invasive species have been present in the Upper Midwest since the time of European settlement. Invasives outcompete plants native to a community and in so doing, gradually reduce the diversity of that site.

While most invasives are not native to our area, some are. These plants have become more widespread in our landscape with huge changes to natural processes such as fire and flooding.

PlantWise utilizes the techniques that combine the highest level of effectiveness while creating the lowest level of impact to the native landscapes.

Before Shrub Removal

Use a variety of techniques including:

  • Chemical control (such as boom spraying, backpack sprayer applications, cut stump treatment, and hand-swiping)
  • Prescribed fire
  • Hand-pulling or digging
  • Repeated, carefully timed cutting

After Shrub Removal


  • Work with a landowner’s desires and needs
  • Work in a diligent, cost-effective manner
  • Target weeds during the time of year when they are most susceptible
  • Choose the least toxic chemicals based on the site in question

Success Story: Arcadia Marsh Restoration

Stewardship Initiative

During the last 18 years, we have had many successful invasive plant control efforts.  In recent years, we’ve been working with the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy on their 155-acre Great Lakes Coastal Marsh located in Arcadia, MI.  For three years, we worked with the Conservancy staff and volunteers to remove marsh invaders such as reed canary grass, Phragmites, and narrow-leaved cattails to improve habitat for the native marsh plant and bird species that grow and live there (more than 150 bird species use this marsh!).  Invasive plant control was part of a larger effort in which we collected and sowed native seed and used prescribed fire to assist with the marsh’s restoration.