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Home Page
[h1>FlexFit is an incredibly powerful & ultra responsive WP Theme.[/h1>
[h2>Take a tour on your touch sensitive environment, or just resize the Browser.[/h2>


[h2 class="highlight">Our flexible System lets you create powerful Sites out of the box.[/h2>

[h4>Incredibly Flexible[/h4>
Our System is inredible flexible and lets you create stunning WordPress Themes without any coding knowledge out of the box. Easily customizable for everyone.


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[h4>Ultra Responsive[/h4>
This Theme has a fully responsive layout. That means it will fit your large desktop screen, all the way down to your iPhone – and of course any Tablet or iPad in between.


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[h4>Great SEO Base[/h4>
FlexFit has a great SEO Base built in! It is build with web standards and SEO best practices in mind and perfectly prepared to get high rankings on search engines.


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[h4>Why choose FlexFit?[/h4>
     [item icon="ok"]Easily Customizable[/item]
     [item icon="ok"]Unique Backgrounds[/item]
     [item icon="ok"]SEO Optimized[/item]
     [item icon="ok"]Tons of Shortcodes[/item]
     [item icon="ok"]Fully Responsive[/item]
     [item icon="ok"]Outstanding Support[/item]

[h4>What Customers say[/h4>
[testimonial author="John Doe Inc."]
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