We’ve made many friends along the way.

Please take a look at the compliments we’ve received over the years.

Marta Manilidi, Ann Arbor resident

“First I want to say thank you for all the great work in my yard.  It is beautiful and is a source of great joy and interest for us.  I very much appreciate the sensibility you have brought to it, the hard work, and the wonderful results (so far!).  In just a few years you have created a landscape that is in line with my vision for it.  The riverbank is so beautiful and such a marked change from how it used to be, the beds on the north side are wonderful, and everything is coming along.  I really appreciate the help with the weeding/maintenance, too – it has been just too overwhelming for me to do myself.”

Cathy Theisen, Dexter resident

“We are thrilled with our native restoration project, which helped us to effectively deal with a large wet spot in our yard. we can now use the rest of the yard year round, while those long-rooted natives soak up all that excess water. it’s only a bonus that we are seeing varieties of moths, butterflies, and birds that we had not previously seen in our yard. matt and plant wise have been very responsive to all our needs, and have always been available for questions long after the job was done.”

Travis Williams – Executive Director, Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway

“PlantWise has conducted burns for the Outdoor Discovery Center Macatawa Greenway since 2001. Their crew is very knowledgeable and always very professional. Our many properties pose challenges with boardwalks, buildings, wooded and aquatic habitats and they have always performed as promised – delivering safe and quality service. After 13 years of working with PlantWise we have seen a significant decline in invasive species on properties and an increase in native plant diversity. We highly recommend PlantWise as a quality resource for prescribed burning and habitat management.”

Trevor Edmonds – Land Protection Specialist, Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy

“The PlantWise crew has been nothing short of amazing to work with on invasive species removal and habitat restoration projects at our nature preserves. Their professionalism on the ground is represented by surgical and economical herbicide treatments, precise and effective controlled burns, and insightful native plant restoration. Our staff and board of directors have been consistently impressed by David and his crew and their good work on the ground!”

Nate Fuller – Conservation and Stewardship Director, Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy.

“I look forward to every burn season so I get a chance to interact with David and his crew. Not only am I always impressed at their skill in handling a fire, but their depth of knowledge and genuine appreciation for the resources they help us steward is inspiring.”

Carol Schulte – SmithGroupJJR

“I’ve worked with PlantWise for the past 5 years on a project where they are performing invasive species eradication/native restoration in a diverse and difficult site, and I am impressed with the dedication, efficiency, honesty, and hard work of David and his crew. The difference their efforts have made on this site in just a few years is significant. Their company is the first name out of my mouth when asked for a native plant maintenance resource.”

Bob and Susan – Ann Arbor residents

“We were fortunate to choose PlantWise for our landscaping needs. Matt was experienced, creative, and knowledgeable in his use of native plants (trees, flowers, grasses, and shrubs). He was a good listener, hard worker and offered great suggestions which saved us time and money to make our project successful the first time. Our property has the natural restoration look we wanted and  continues to improve every year with low maintenance and the follow through PlantWise has provided. We would recommend PlantWise to anyone with large or small landscaping projects and look forward to using them again.”

Kris Olsson – Ann Arbor Township resident

Plantwise has been helping us naturalize our lawn since 1998, when we wanted some relief from mowing our 1.3 acre yard and planted a little patch of prairie wildflowers.  Since then, we’ve expanded the prairie part of our yard to about half the yard, and Plantwise planners worked out a planting and management plan with us so that our yard will soon mimic an oak savanna, complete with all of Michigan’s oak and hickory species, many of its shrubs, and of course myriad wildflowers and grasses.  We also created a native sedge garden and a Michigan spring flora bed along the front.  Their expertise and dependability has us coming back every year for more native landscaping, burning, and weed removal.”

Marvin Pettway – Supervisor, Forestry and Horticulture Maintenance University of Michigan

“I appreciate the great work you and your staff have done in support of our campus invasive plant species management efforts through your use of controlled burning, targeted herbicide applications and the planting of desirable plant species. I look forward to working with you and your company again this year.”

Marvin Pettway
Supervisor, Forestry and Horticulture Maintenance
University of Michigan

Angie Lucas – Land Steward, Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

“We are grateful to work with a company like PlantWise who cares so deeply about the land, and has the knowledge and skill set needed for multi-faceted restoration projects”

Rob French – Dexter resident

“The PlantWise team has been reliably and safely burning our 2.5 acres since the spring of 2000, and we couldn’t be happier. With their annual burning, periodic consultation, and native landscape expertise (and some of our own hard work!), our own landscape has progressed by leaps and bounds towards greater plant and animal diversity. The window for burning can open and close quickly due to weather, thus communication from the burn team is key, and in this regard Plantwise has always excelled. They are efficient, friendly, and professional. Highly recommended!”

Kirsten Lyons – Stewardship Director, Friends of the St. Clair River

“Thanks, Matt! We met Rob and Trenton out on the River Walk today… Nice fellows, those two. PlantWise must be a great place to work! We have noticed that all the crew seems very friendly and helpful, in addition to being very skilled at habitat management. Thanks for including the volunteers and I in your work. You and David should be very proud of the company culture you have created.”

Will Weber – Ann Arbor resident

Hi Matt,

Just a note of thanks for all the information you shared yesterday.

Your careful eyes and botanical knowledge really helped me better appreciate the diversity of  these created habitats. Your many suggestions and answers to my questions on random issues always leaves me with more confidence in my stewardship experimentation.
Last night I could not sleep thinking about the cattail proliferation.   I am going to try the  sub-surface stem severing strategy. I think I found the perfect tool.
Will Weber

Sherry – Whitmore Lake resident

I spent several happy moments today looking up plants I wasn’t familiar with.  It is beautiful now and I think it will develop beautifully, too. A friend stopped by today and profusely complimented us on this new garden–  and she is a friend who has a big and beautiful and well managed garden in Ann Arbor.  I gave her the company name….. 🙂 ,  and I am sure I will get many more compliments and can share the name far and wide.
You and your team were a pleasure,  and breathtakingly fast.  I am, frankly, amazed.

Meredith Bryant – Wildlife Biologist, GLRI Pollinator Coordinator U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“You guys and gals have done an outstanding job!!  Thank you so much!

I look forward to working on more projects with you!”

Susan Beecher – Chelsea resident

“I just want to tell you what an amazing job Olivia and Freya did here yesterday. I walked down there this morning and was just amazed. Women with chainsaws!!”